dEd protocol

The dEd protocol is our attempt at creating a collection of systems and tools that allow individuals and groups to utilize progressive, customizable, shareable learning paths for any subject or skill. Users and groups can create paths, share them with others, or subject matter experts can create them and share them.


This system combines length of project along with intensity and difficulty to create a consistent schedule to practice. Learners make track their progress with daily logs for each day that they make progress, reflections, and completed submissions to demonstrate prowess and understanding.

Features: Quests, Milestones, Projects, DifficultyxIntensityxLength


Connected to your quest journal to help you keep track of your resources and how they are connected to the quests and projects that you’re working on or have worked on. You can recommend resources in the public database, and you can easily duplicate resources from the public resource database into your personal database.



Connect to quests, etc

Detailed categorization

Difficultly level


Adding a bot interface allows to innovative interaction modalities right inside your favorite chat app. Right now you can create and work on all of your learning objectives without leaving discord.


Set and stop timers for specific items

Submit work

Update properties


Our training program is designed to each you how to learn on the internet, alone or in groups, using brainpower & productivity enhancing software, and laying the foundations for successful lifelong learning


4 areas


foundational skills like critical thinking, etc